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Receptive to Peace

Carolina is a modern-day mystic. Her everyday life is simple. She has walked the paths of being a daughter, mother, spouse, friend and spiritual teacher, only to let go of these ‘characters’ and accept the Love of God as her only function here.

Carolina offers this option to everyone she encounters. In a simple, intimate and

non-dualistic way, she extends to everyone the possibility of dedicating life to The Divine.


Carolina Corada dedicated her life to spirituality more than 3 decades ago and in her younger years she ‘spoke’ to a non-religious Jesus in her everyday meditations. When A Course in Miracles made it into her life in 1990, she acknowledged Jesus’ Voice in the writing and accepted it as her journey back to Peace of Mind.  After 10 years of training, Carolina began teaching ‘The Course’ in 2001, in her native country, Venezuela.

Her international travels began in 2006 with a presentation tour in the USA. Since then she has brought ‘The Course’ to universities, rehab centers, orphan homes, corporate environments and other institutions in Latin America, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Germany. Switzerland, England, Ireland, and Spain. She has spoken to thousands of people in 3 languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese) in person, on videos, through her articles and writings and via her Online Radio Program ‘Seek Within’.

Her approach to ‘The Course’ is warm and intimate. She is dedicated to extending the messages of Unconditional Love to those who come to her.


IntroDanza© is her self-inquiry method. She uses music and movement in support of the teaching of A Course in Miracles. She conceived IntroDanza as ‘her way’ of freeing the judgemental mind. Carolina opens hearts to the acceptance of the mystical. She has been called a ‘Teacher of Peace’ who ‘walks her talk’.

"Our weekend was a true blessing for me and I thank you so very much for your wonderful IntroDanza course! I have only experienced a few teachers in my life, who have convinced me like you did. As they say, you ‘walk the talk’, and that is empowering, impressive and gives lots of hope!"

Wenche Schneider (Germany - Sweden )


"I would like to share a few things about my mother. Because I have this childhood memory of ‘The Course’ always being on the table at home. I remember the time when only 4 or 5 friends came along, sometimes only 1. That was maybe 15 or more years ago. 


I have seen the transition from the corporate world to surrendering completely to the spiritual world. When you are a child you really don´t get it.  Sometimes you fall off your bike and scratch your knee and your mother says, "... unconsciously .. you have thought  ..."  (and you respond) - "Mom, there was a rock and I fell and tehre is no other explanation!" But when you grow up, those rocks become Friends, people and you really understand the lesson in her words. So, I’d like to share with you all that I feel very proud, because I have seen the progress; So much work has not been in vain. Thank you very much."

                                                            · Enrique Teruel

Carolina & her children, Enrique & Ángela Teruel

Ibiza - Spain, 2016

"To Have Peace, Teach Peace

  to Learn It."

A Course in Miracles, Ch. 6, B.

Carolina writes about spirituality, facilitates workshops and retreats and is an international speaker. Her articles have been published in ‘The Spark’ magazine (Andalucía, Spain), on Ibiza Spotlight (online magazine based in Ibiza, España), and in the Aarti magazine. 

She published her first book "The Discipline of Peace" in 2017 and is currently translating it into English.


She is the creator and co-Founder of the Ibiza Enlight Festivals as yearly celebrations of A Course in Miracles, to bring together teachers and students as One, in gratitude to Jesus for His Gift to all.

In November 2014, Carolina was the first ever Spanish-speaking teacher to be invited

as part of the Line Up for the International ACIM Conference in the UK,

In Ibiza, her activities include weekly Deeping into ACIM classes and the organization of the Ibiza Enlight Festival editions. 


Carolina  lives on the island of Ibiza since Summer 2012.  

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