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Amongst some of the NEWS for 2020,  with and after having supported the UK Miracle Network back in January with a Fundraising event as a token of gratitude for their amazing work throught the years, below you will find more exciting events. 

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   2020 in English  

Tuesday, OCTOBER 27 at the Miracle Cafe

in virtual   LONDON  


  Why wait for Heaven?  

Peace is now!

Talk by Carolina Corada… and more…

Online  ·  BOOK NOW

This talk is aimed at igniting a true experience of choice.


Going deeper into the message of A Course in Miracles, we will explore our commitment to accepting that Heaven is within, and how choosing Peace is our joyful ‘coming home’.

Carolina Corada is an ACIM teacher of God, who “walks her talk”.

She teaches a practical approach to making Peace her ultimate choice. Her first book The Discipline of Peace is on Amazon. 


She is the creator of the Ibiza Enlight Festivals, international ACIM celebrations, and IntroDanza®, as the experience of ACIM in movement. She holds regular ACIM groups and individual sessions in English and Spanish. 

OCTOBER 31st - NOV. 1st, in virtual LONDON  

RADIANT LOVE: UK Miracle Network's 2020 Conference ONLINE

SATURDAY 31st OCTOBER @ 7.30pm

Until SUNDAY 1st November @ 3.30pm

Beginning on NOV. 4th  

ACIM Flyer for Group Online_NOV.4.jpg

On Monday NOV. 30th, 7.30 - 9pm UK time  

To BOOK Carolina for your

EVENT, a TALK, a PRIVATE SESSION or an IntroDanza CLASS, just click on the button below.


How to develop the practice that will

change your life (soon in English)


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