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A method of self-inquiry to
abandon the judgemental mind


WHAT IS                             ?

Carolina Corada 'intuitively' conceived IntroDanza as 'her way' to study and extend the teachings of the book 'A Course in Miracles.'.


"There is a course for every teacher of God. The form of the course varies greatly. So do the particular teaching aids involved. But the content of the course never changes". 

A Course in Miracles, Manual for Teachers


IntroDanza  has been invited to 3 continents: North & South America, Europe & Australia.

Introduction Video - 2008

IntroDanza is a self-inquiry method conceived in support of the teachings of the book A Course in Miracles and for opening hearts, releasing resentment and returning to Peace of Mind.


"You can use your body best to help you enlarge your perception so you can achieve real vision, of which the physical eye is incapable". ACIM 


To program an IntroDanza workshop in your city, please send a message using our CONTACT form.

IntroDanza's most recent photos

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000 Enlight Festival IntroDanza
000 IBIZA 2013
Caro y Caro
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