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Sergi Torres, Spain

"Carolina, for your love and your service in this world, it is an honor to count on brothers like you. You are the pure demonstration that there is something more happening, beyond what we see in this world."

Author & International Speaker

Kate Brennan, UK

"I just wanted to say how wonderful your IntroDanza class was last Sunday. I got so much from it and it was really interesting seeing how people who had never done it before react! It was amazing. Thank you for being my teacher”

ACIM Teacher

Manuel Martin, Canary Islands

It is an honor for me to publicly give thanks to a woman who has not stopped surprising me with the authenticity of her teachings since the moment I had the pleasure of meeting her. She is an authentic Teacher of God who –just like me- was born with the awareness of Heaven in her heart and has never sold it for anything the world had to offer. I have seen her give away her work to those who could not pay; giving without choosing to whom, and becoming very quiet when an offense was tearing her heart. Her surrender to The Father always reminds me of the great saints of my beloved India.


She is well-known amongst A Course in Miracles students, but few really know who it is the stand before.  She is not just one more. She is here for you and for me and for all of us who comprise the Sacred Oneness of the Self. Just like me, she will only ask you to choose again on behalf of your power. She is the creator of a wonderful self-inquiry technique called IntroDanza.  Perhaps you know her, perhaps not. Nonetheless and on behalf of all the Teachers of God who are here to help you step away from pain, I ask of you one thing: every time you meet with her treat her with the respect and honor she deserves.  She is Carolina Corada.            ACIM Teacher of God

Xavi Demelo, Spain

There is something that I really like about Carolina and its the depth with which she has studied The Course, and her being an example of coherence when applying it to her life and her classes. Every time we meet, may it be for dinner or tea, I always learn something, some profoundness is revealed to me.  In my experience, she is a living example of total commitment to God. I thank the Holy Spirit for having placed her in my life.  I love her. (If I could, I would take her home with me and keep her around the house, moving her around from time to time, ha, ha, ha, ... lol)

Author, Comedian, ACIM Teacher of God

Britta Aragón, Mexico-Canada-USA

"Thank you for your kindness and being so gracious. I love you much and I am so grateful!  Peace of Mind is the intimate goal. I am so clear!  

Life Coach & Founder of CV Labs.

Cora McEntee, Ireland

"I just wanted to again thank you for your most beautiful talk on Saturday at the ACIM conference. The stories about the camel and the fox, and, the dolphin and the squirrel just sit in my heart now. What an inspiration you are. Sending you all my love."

ACIM Teacher

Fernando Senior, Chile

"I felt blessed by your presence and inspired by your teachings and devotion. Each one of the 'danzas' and movements were gentle, energizing and profound. In fact, I have begun to dream with them and I awaken with a smile. Thank you." Training Instructor & Online Learning Arquitect, Photographer

Efrén Salazar, Venezuela

"I attended Carolina Corada's 'Purpose & Practice' workshop with IntroDanza, here in Caracas-Venezuela. It was one of the most nutricious, healing and freeing workshops I have ever attended. It was unprecedented and unique, where the connection with the Source was immediate." 

Thank you Carolina !  We love you.

                                                             Singer · Musician

Ewa-Britt Anderson, Sweden

"I´ve been thinking about writing to you, to tell you how grateful I am for being at your workshop. For the things you talked of, the examples you gave from your experiences and all those IntroDanzas that gave so much. I thank God for the gift of being there, together with all the others. I can feel a change in my heart and an increasing willingness and I´m so glad for that, it is in itself a miracle, somewhere deep inside I know the truth...  


So...I will remember you reminding us of training the mind, together with that wonderful word - ....observe.....  ACIM Swedish Network

" I would have to say that her teachings touch my heart. They are intellectually radical and very attractive, and they are overflowing with love, when she speaks and also when she teaches IntroDanza. And that is really good."

Mindfulness Professor and Psychologist at the Almeria University.

Jocelyne De Gall, France - Ibiza

"Thank you Carolina for your presence and your continuous work in guiding us on this path back to reconnecting to the light, to God. You are a wonderful teacher.”  ACIM Ibiza Student & Las Dalias Hippy Market commerce


Carlos Figuera, Venezuela

"Introdanza is the experience of the ACIM teachings "in the flesh".  It is the most wonderful way I have found to use my body best to watch and analize my inner resistences and that which separates me from God."  Hotel management & culinary arts

Ana Carolina Figueredo, Ibiza - Argentina

I am A Course in Miracle student with Carolina Corada since 2012. She has shown me very sweetly the paths of honesty, humbleness and commitment as per the inspiration that her own life offers. From her Grandeur she has lovingly guided me to accept my own Grandeur placing me in a place of power from which connecting to the Higher Self is immediate and unavoidable.  

She is a great teacher who knows how to step aside and allow for everyone’s mastery to bloom and thus helps us to fulfill our function to be the Light of the World, like she is.  Carolina Corada is a teacher of teachers.

ACIM student in ibiza & Tourist Housekeeper.

Karin, Germany - Ibiza

"For me, even as an absolut beginner, every word touches me deeply and I am happily looking forward to more courses in miracles."

Israel Maña, Almeria - España
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