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Profoundness, honesty, clarity and assertiveness, are traits that fully represent Carolina Corada’s teachings. Her daring inner committment to Peace and Greatness, surrounds her with an expansive atmosphere of humbleness, serenity and trust like the one found in the presence of teachers who have decided to share with others their own experience in their journey to mindfulness

Her teachings devotedly spring from the intense study and practice of A Course in Miracles.

Carolina Corada was introduced by her mother into meditation at childhood. fue introducida a la meditación desde la infancia de la mano de su madre. After discovering A Course in Miracles in 1990 and throughout the next 15 years, she has become in one of the international well-known Course teachers in the Spanish-speaking world. She offers her teachings in conferences, workshops, regular sessions and with her self-inquiry method IntroDanza: always with the committmente to inspire the achievement of radical change: the intuitive human desire to live in Love.


Carolina’s honest healing impulse has touched the hearts of over 8,000 men, women and children at an international scale in Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, UK, USA, Mexico and Brazil in her talks, retreats, conferences, charities, rehab centres, international companies and through the creation and organization of the first international festival for A Course in Miracles, the Ibiza Enlight Festival, where teachers and students celebrate together.



"Using honesty as a door opener to the Kingdom of Love, is the  intelligent action."
From Carolina's book "the Discipline of Peace, Ch. 4

· Angela Teruel


Vídeos para tu inspiración

"I love the way you teach and how you explain things. I love the way you use your stories to help us understand the Course."

· Sian, Ibiza

Carolina on success and abundance
In Caracas, Venezuela, 2011, This is a Series of conversations we have warmly called ‘Spiritual Pearls’. They are in question & answer format. Carolina shows us how to include spirituality in all aspects of our everyday life.
The concept is by SR3 Producciones, Simon Ortiz.

Where should we look for our happiness?

How to Guide your child to their destiny?

Spirituality and everyday life.

Ibiza, Spain · 2019, About the Ibiza Enlight Festival 2019 in October 5th 
England, 2014,  At the UK A Course in Miracles Conference 2014.
In Dublin, Ireland, 2015, At the Irish A Course in Miracles Conference · A Tale of Love & Acceptance
ONLINE · 2014, An English-German Online ACIM Session
Ibiza, Spain 2014,  An experiencial Session / IntroDanza at ‘Healing Ibiza’ 2014 with Steve Thompson
Stockholm, Sweden, 2014, 'Listening to the Holy Voice Workshop', invited by the Swedish Network Weekend Retreat 2014


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The writings from the heart


   It is an honor for me to publicly give thanks to a woman who has not stopped surprising me with the authenticity of her teachings since the moment I had the pleasure of meeting her. She is an authentic Teacher of God who –just like me- was born with the awareness of Heaven in her heart and has never sold it for anything the world had to offer. I have seen her give away her work to those who could not pay; giving without choosing to whom, and becoming very quiet when an offense was tearing her heart. Her surrender to The Father always reminds me of the great saints of my beloved India. She has given me the strength to show myself and the gift of relinquising a vengeance that I called justice.  She is well-known amongst A Course in Miracles students, but few really know who it is the stand before.  She is not just one more. She is here for you and for me and for all of us who comprise the Sacred Oneness of the Self. Just like me, she will only ask you to choose again on behalf of your power. She is the creator of a wonderful self-inquiry technique called IntroDanza.  Perhaps you know her, perhaps not. Nonetheless and on behalf of all the Teachers of God who are here to help you step away from pain, I ask of you one thing: every time you meet with her treat her with the respect and honor she deserves.  She is Carolina Corada. 


· Manuel Martín, in his book, En el Nombre de la Vida

(not yet in English)


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