Inspired writing

A.C.  - How would you describe yourself as a writer?


Carolina - “I would like to describe myself more like 'someone who inspires' than someone who writes. May I use words in all their forms to inspire others to find a discipline that serves them in order to live in peace; so they can free their mind and their human experience from conflict; so they can choose a spiritual path that will transform them and organise their lives. ...”

Taken from an interview about her book (before it was published).  WATCH VIDEO

· Meet Carolina Corada ·
· Unconditional Love ·
· Unconditionality ·

" I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Carolina Corada to chat with her about her life here on Ibiza as a teacher of A Course in Miracles."

Unconditional Love is a Love not of this world.  Everything in our world is conditioned ... 

Unconditionality is a bright light in the mind of anyone who has dared to make everything that was different, the same. Yes. You read correctly. 

· Resisting Unconditional Love ·

Are you aware you have been resisting Unconditional Love all your life?  

· Gratitude ·

Immersed as I had been for over an hour in a deep meditation amidst the trees, a message reached my mind. I felt receptive ...

· The 24hr Challenge ·

Living Unconditional Love is the result of mind training.   Mind training is as simple ...

· A New Beginning ·

The truth is that in our everlasting reality we are as free as birds, soaring into infinity, with our wings extended beautifully.

· A Peace not of this world ·

Would I be willing to set Peace and Joy as my only goal today?

· Today ·

Today is my very best day; my only truth is manifested today...

“May I use words in all their forms to inspire others to find a discipline that serves them in order to live in peace.”

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