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'Writing a book is like setting free the birds living in your heart'


How to develop the practice

that will change your life

In this Manual for Inner Peace, concepts such as discipline and peace exude a new

 paradigm with Carolina Corada's vision and A Course in Miracles.

The book is currently available only in Spanish. English version coming soon!

This books presents the extraordinary and honest transition of a group of A Course in Miracles students who embarked, in absolute trust and devotion, on the quest for peace of mind. 

The reader will feel profoundly joined to the group in its transition and will note

that no terminologies are imposed, nor is the aim to present it as the"only truth".

Nonetheless, the goal is to share the honest and profound journey of those

who undertook it together and achieved a result.

The concepts herein presented are anything but traditional.  So, if the reader is seeking

for peace, this formula might come as a surprise and a life-changing opportunity.



Video of the presentation of the book that was transmitted on live from her Facebook Page

This book is sold via Amazon & is also available as an ebook.

Click on the images to

purchase.  IN SPANISH

What are people saying?

Jocelyne De Gall

Ibiza ACIM Student

Thank you Carolina for your presence and your continuous work in guiding us on this path back to reconnecting to the light, to God. You are a wonderful teacher.

Ana Carolina Figueredo

ACIM Student & Teacher

She has very sweetly shown me the paths of honesty, humbleness and commitment as per the inspiration that her own life offers. From her Grandeur she has lovingly guided me to accept my own Grandeur placing me in a place of power from which connecting to the Higher Self is immediate and unavoidable.

Xavi Demelo

ACIM Teacher

There is something that I really like about Carolina and its the depth with which she has studied The Course, and her being an example of coherence when applying it to her life and her classes.  In my experience, she is a living example of total commitment to God.

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