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“Radical Honesty to attain Inner Peace"

Honesty is the journey of trust.

Trust is the cause; the result is honesty.

Being truly honest not only has to do with what you say, but also with how coherent your life is. For those who trust

in the words of that which is Infinite,

true stillness and Peace reach their honest hearts.

Being truly honest is accepting Truth in thought, word and action.  You are called to being radically honest, yet not to suffer, but to thrive on the Kingdom of Peace here.”

From the book “The Discipline of Peace” by Carolina Corada

Would you like to train in a practice that will take you directly to experiencing True and constant Peace in all aspects of your life ?

Do you wish to live your life congruently and experiencing Peace as a personal reality? 


Inspired by the profund teachings of A Course in Miracles, we will plunge into this Transformation Cycle which includes 

4 Modules and a 1-Day Workshop, based on Chapter 4, "Radical Honesty" of the book "The Discipline of Peace".

This Cycle will lead us into experiencing, accepting and applying the practice that will change forever the way we live our life.  

Currently undergoing

translation into English

“Using Honesty as a door opener for the Kingdom of Love

is the intelligent action.”

From the book “The Discipline of Peace”, Ch. 4

INFO & RESERVATIONS +34 671 889 684


to acknowledge what “Radical Honesty” means,

to accept that without honesty True Peace is impossible,

and to achieve an inner transformation in order to implement a personal practice that will thrive within

as continuous wellbeing.


An international speaker and workshop leader with over 20 years of experience, and author of the book "The Discipline of Peace", Carolina teaches retreats, seminars and conferences on mystical and spiritual topics under the light of A Course in Miracles, in Latin America, USA, Sweden, Denmark, England, Ireland, and Spain.

She is co-founder and organizer of the Ibiza Enlight Festival and creator of the method IntroDanza©, both destined to help us release the judgemental mind. Her deepening encounters are highly experiential, trnasforming and inspiring to those who wish to devote their lives to The Divine, in a simple, intimate and non-dualistic way.  She opens hearts to the acceptance of the mystical.  


IntroDanza is her self-inquiry method, using music and movement in support of the teaching of A Course in Miracles.  Carolina loves and lives in Ibiza, Spain.


Module 1 · What does ¨Radical Honesty¨ mean?

Identifying its characteristics

IntroDanza 1 · Giving up that which is false

Module 2 · The development of Spiritual Fearlessness

Accepting there is nothing to fear

IntroDanza 2 · Denying the denial of Truth

Module 3 · Trust as an attribute of the honest ones

Opening the door to the Kingdom of Love

IntroDanza 3 · We do Peace's Will

Module 4 · Dealing with ¨The Unstable Period¨

Learning to answer honestly, ¿Peace: yes or no?

IntroDanza 4 · I desire True Peace

Plunging Workshop ·  ¨The Triumph of Self¨

Cooperation Learning · I'm a Peace Mediator

Practices, Conclusions & Presentations

IntroDanza 5 · We choose on behalf of Humanity


18 hours in class, IntroDanza,1 Text·Workbook y 4 class audios 


We offer you a Transformation Cycle that will last 1 month and it comprises

18 hours of class, distributed along 4 Modules: one a week,

and 1 plunging workshop. 


If you feel guided to undergo this total transformation,

we invite you to attend the 5 gatherings. 


Nonetheless, if you only desire a boost of inspiration and clarity,

you are welcome to join The Workshop independently. 



FREE · Information TALK, 20h

“Radical Honesty” in

The Discipline of Peace




Weekly Modules, 18h to 21h

These include a deep approach to Honesty, empowerment to practice &te ach

+ 4 "experiential" IntroDanza

sessions ( in Ibiza )



Diving Deep Workshop & Conclusions

"The Triumph of Self" 

10h to 19h (2-hr break for lunch)



Your Investment includes:

* 18 hrs of classes "LIVE" ONLINE  or in Ibiza

* 1 Text · Workbook

* 4 audios


Contact us to BOOK the

best option for you:


320 euros



200 euros

- ONLY WORKSHOP Investment

120 euros

INFO & RESERVATIONS +34 671 889 684
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